keeping trees vertical

one sip at a time

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This bottle of water represents a tree left standing. It represents a shift in how people think. Yes, it’s water from a tree – but it’s more than that. A bottle of Vertical Water represents what happens when sustainability becomes financially attractive. It represents what can happen when people are given incentive to preserve forestland instead of cutting it down. So this strange, little, oddly-shaped bottle of tree water is actually more than just a drink; we think it’s a new beginning for our forests.

Vertical Water is at the center of a fresh, new movement to conserve American forestland by sustainably putting it to use. We like to think of Vertical Water as a bold and tasty new form of conservation. For every sip taken of Vertical Water, there is more reason to conserve and care for our forestland Why? Because Vertical Water relies on healthy trees and has a core commitment to conserving forestland– so the more people enjoy our maple water, the more leverage we have to keep trees standing.

So tree-by-tree and bottle-by-bottle, we are creating a model for conservation that’s as original and impactful as it is delicious and sustainable.

...because we believe that more Vertical Water means more healthy trees in our forests.

...because we believe that more Vertical Water means more healthy trees in our forests.

working small can inspire big changes

At Vertical Water, we sustainably source our maple water from farms in New York State. Not only do we do this to help minimize our environmental footprint; we do it to maximize the positive impact we can have on local farmers and communities.

lower carbon

Unlike coconut waters, we source Vertical Water locally in the U.S. in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint.

tree friendly

No trees are harmed when producing our maple water – in fact, they barely even know we’re there.

support local

We are proud to support local farming families tapping maple trees and encourage other farmers to join us.

a mission to do good on every level

Vertical Water™ is a Certified B Corporation and believes in a holistic approach to conservation. When it comes to saving our forests, no detail is too small to overlook. So we’ve looked at all of them—from shipping our maple water in earth-friendly packaging to ensuring that our product is Non-GMO Verified, we are obsessed with doing good on every level.

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welcome to a more vertical future

Vertical Water is a product of the award-winning conservation think tank, Feronia Forests. Together with a family of other conservation-focused brands, Feronia Forests sets a bold new example for landowners giving them alternative ways to make money without deforestation or lumber sales. Feronia Forests calls this movement Sustainable Full Forestry™ and Vertical Water is proud to lead the charge.