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Lots of people are discovering the benefits of a vertical future. Take a look at what they are saying.

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Maple Water Is a Local, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Coconut Water. But How Does It Taste?

Indeed, Vertical Water was conceived as a creative way to conserve American forests: It helps forest owners make money off their land, but it doesn’t do any lasting damage to the trees. And to those who live in the northeast, it practically qualifies as local, which coconut water decidedly is not.

Untapped Potential

Vertical Water, which launched in April, is hoping to hop on the coconut water bandwagon while at the same time helping forest owners preserve their maple trees.

Maple Water: The Latest Trend in Water

Vertical Water CEO Valentina Cugnasca suggests drinking the maple water on its own or mixing it into smoothies, cocktails or tea as a natural sweetener. She named her company after how the water flows vertically up and down a maple tree, and how she “helps keep the trees vertical longer” by giving forest owners a way to make money from their living trees.


Love Coconut Water? The Next Trendy Health Drink Promises to Be Just as Tasty But Much More Sustainable

Vertical Water is produced by Feronia Forests, which is a certified B corporation, meaning it has met rigorous standards of environmental and social responsibility. If Vertical Water takes over the health drink market as it’s hoping to do, there will be a strong incentive to preserve the existing maple forests of the region that are otherwise threatened by suburban development in many areas.


Ramblewild | Tree-to-Tree Adventure in Lanesborough, MA

Refresh with a bottle of Maple Water, a slightly sweet flavored water designed to keep trees vertical.

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Move Over Coconut Water, Make Room For A More Sustainable Drink

One company in upstate New York has started manufacturing a maple water product called Vertical Water, developed as a method of encouraging forest owners to preserve their land.

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Vertical Maple Water: Water On A Mission

Have you ever heard of Vertical Maple Water? If not, that’s okay because I didn’t either until I stumbled across it at a little market near my home a couple of days ago! It is seriously my new, GO-TO beverage of choice!

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Should You Dive Into the New Wave of Waters?

While attending the Natural Food Expo West this past March, I spoke with Vertical Water, who produces maple water from trees found in New England forests. They encourage forest owners to tap their trees instead of selling them for lumber. Maple water production is a good way farmers can make money off the land without causing damage to their maple trees.



Fall means my beauty/health regime also needs to change. It’s all about hydration. I drink a lot of water each day, but I’ve been mixing it up lately with Vertical Water. It’s water that comes straight from maple trees and is naturally sweet (and so, so delicious).