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Euromonitor International:

Tapped Potential: Vertical Water CEO Discusses Challenges and Prospects for Maple Water

While coconut water is the benchmark for natural hydration, manufacturers and media are already seeking the “next” coconut water by focusing on single-ingredient or naturally sourced beverages that cater to these health-conscious consumers. Over the last year, maple water has garnered much attention from analysts and media outlets across the United States, as a potential candidate to benefit from the success of coconut water.

Men's Journal:

Should You Be Drinking Maple Water?

It turns out pure maple water is a low-calorie drink that is packed with electrolytes and tons of vitamins and minerals.

Marie Claire UK:

Is Maple Water This Year’s Must-Try Detox Drink?

By swapping your daily spring water for the maple newcomer you’ll add an extra dose of sugar, calcium, potassium, magnesium and manganese to your diet, all swirled together in a subtly sweet liquid that’s a tiny 15 calories.

Boston Globe:

Maple water soon flowing into stores

North American explorers dubbed maple water the “wholesomest drink in the world” more than 300 years ago.

Now a new wave of entrepreneurs is rediscovering the sweet refreshment and racing to cash in on a hot market for natural beverages. Businesses — from forest investment firms to fledgling startups — saw coconut water explode into a $150 million a year phenomena. They’re banking on maple water as the next big thing.